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Incoloy 825 Tube Specification:

ASTM B704, ASTM B423

Welded Pipes & Tubes:
Outer Diameter: 6.0mm to 88.9mm
Wall thickness: 0.3mm to 2.0mm

Seamless Pipes & Tubes:
Outer Diameter: 2.0mm to 114mm
Wall thickness: 0.3mm to 8.0mm

Length: Standard 6000mm, but we can adjust based on customer’s requirement.

Heat Treatment: Inline bright annealing.

NDT: Hydrostatic, Pneumatic, E.T. U.T based on standard or customers’ requirements.

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Incoloy 825 (Alloy 825, 2.4858, UNS N08825) nickel-based alloy tube and tubing

Incoloy 825 is an nickel-iron-chromium based superalloy with molybdenum, copper and titanium. The chemical composition of this nickel alloy is designed to provide superior resistance to many corrosive environments. It is similar with Incoloy 800, but offering better resistance to water corrosion. It also offers excellent resistance to reducing and oxidizing acids, stress corrosion cracking, and localized corrosion such as pitting and crevice corrosion. Incoloy 825 is particularly resistant to sulfuric and phosphoric acid. This nickel alloy is widely used in chemical process equipment, pickling tank heaters, pickling tanks and equipment, pollution-control equipment, oil and gas well piping, phosphoric acid evaporators etc.

Details of contents : Ni:38%-46%, Cr:19.5% - 23.5%, Mo: 2.5% - 3.5%, Cu: 1.5% - 3.0%, Al: 0.2% Max, Ti: 0.6% - 1.2%, Mn: 1.0%Max Fe: Bal.
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Incoloy 825 tube heating elements features:

It has excellent corrosion resistance and has a wide range of applications in a variety of conditions.

It can be used free from troubles if high corrosion resistance is required, especially ACID condition, Incoloy 825 is recommended.

Limit service temperature(UL) : 880°C or less

Incoloy 825 tube heating elements application:

Used as heating elements for fish roasters, microwave oven ranges, small calorifiers, dishwashers, drum washing machines, heat accumulating heaters, etc.
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Incoloy 825 Tube Chemical Composition (%):

Incoloy 800≦0.10≦1.00≦1.50≦0.030≦0.01530.00-35.0019.00-23.00≦0.750.15-0.600.15-0.60---BAL
Incoloy 840≦0.08≦1.00≦1.00≦0.030≦0.01519.00-22.0018.00-22.00---0.15-0.600.15-0.60---BAL
Incoloy 825≦0.05≦0.50≦1.00---≦0.03038.00-46.0019.50-23.501.50-3.00≦0.200.60-1.202.50-3.50BAL

Incoloy 825 Tube Mechanical Properties

Rp0.2, MPa
A50mm, %
Incoloy 800≧520≧205≧30
Incoloy 840≧517≧207≧30
Incoloy 825≧586≧240≧30


Plate, sheet, strip: ASTM B424
Tube & tubing: ASTM B704, ASTM B751

Incoloy 825 Density:

0.294 lb/in3 (8.14g/cm3)
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