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Quality Control

Quality Control

Top class titanium raw material with intergranular corrosion test to guarantee the root quality of titanium tubes. Non-destructive testing (Hydrostatic, Pneumatic, E.T. U.T) will make sure titanium welded tubes won’t have dent, holes or welding issues. Inline mechanical properties testing to ensure our titanium welded tubes will meet customers’ final using.

1, Raw material inspection: Testing principal component strip burr and thickness according to furnace number or materials of each roll.

2, Tubing welding inspection: Testing length, outside diameter, spherical degree, welding seam and appearance for 50tubes/batch/set or 30 minutes/one time/set

3, Non-destructive testing: ALL.

4, Hydraulic pressure testing: Testing all tubes by 10 MPa/holding 10s, pneumatic pressure testing: testing all tubes by 1 MPa/holding 10s.

5, Final tubes inspection: Inspecting length, outside diameter, spherical degree, welding seam, appearance and burrs at both ends for all tubes.

6, Mechanical Properties Testing: Test flaring, flattening, bending, reverse bending, tensile strength, yield strength and elongation for 200tubes/lot/set.


Several titanium welded tubes (depended on specification ) will be packed together into a plastic bag as one bundle, each bundle will be put into a strong plywood crate with steel frame to protect the tubes during the transportation. (Suggested Packing)

ISPM 15 stamped wooden case can also be used if customers’ have special requirements.

Why us

Lots of working experience in titanium field since 2008.

High quality with moderate prices.

We offer ongoing assistance and we like help customers save costs.

We make your profit our priority.

We believe quality is manufactured rather than inspected, we work hard on improving production technique and quality management to make sure all the productions are high quality.

How to work with us

Send us your special requirements of titanium tubes or any questions if you have, our professional sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Official quotation sheet will be provided within 24 hours after fully checking your requirements and all details are checked.

5 pcs of 250mm length of free samples will be offered you can accept similar tube spec as your requests.